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Tuesday, September 6, 2016

Wearing White After Labor Day

Ever since I was a little girl, I was always told to never wear white after labor day. And honestly, I never asked why, until recently. So I posed the question... Why can't we wear white after labor day?!?!?! Of course, no one could answer, so I looked it up online and it is actually very interesting. There are different explanations which all lead to wealth vs. poverty. For example, white clothes were generally made from fabrics that helped you sweat less. If you wore these fabrics, then it meant you were wealthy. This was one of the more logical reasons. Please, do a little research and read some of the other stories. They are hilarious!

Now that I think of it, we have been following this rule since the late 1800's (Mind Blowing)! That is so unfortunate, and I will tell you why. White, which is actually an achromatic color (color without a hue), automatically puts you in a good mood. It makes you feel like you are going on vacation and it has a a fresh youthful look to it. At least that is how I view it. Regardless of the time of year, there are  days when I not only want to wear white, I need it to brighten up my day; or even express how good I feel. Now that I have made myself clear about the color white, let me add one more thing... Remember my previous post, "The Rules Are, There Are No Rules"? Well, white falls under this category. If you feel good in your outfit, WEAR IT!!

So, in honor of labor day, you guessed it,  I wore a white skirt. And, just to defy this ridiculous rule that prevents fashion lovers to wear what they want, my next post will also be a white outfit.
Let's take a minute and breakdown my outfit. My top is from H&M. I know what you are thinking, it is so loose in the middle and can't look good on everyone... On the contrary, if you wear it correctly, it will look great! Instead of a skirt, you might want to wear it with fitted white jeans to create a balance. My outfit is a little more risky, I agree. My skirt is an oldie but goodie, and my espadrilles are from Aldo. I love these shoes because they have a very subtle snake print on the back. I added a pearl necklace as the cherry on top. I was in a very feminine mood, and nothing says girly, like pearls.  I like to double up on necklaces, hence my shorter gold necklace from Swarovski (thanks to my big sis). Super easy right? well all of these items can be paired differently, creating several outfits. Please let me know if you need suggestions.

Tip of The Day: Pearls look great at any age. Don't be shy, they only add class to your outfit. Try an opera length, like mine. You can wear it as shown in the image or for a more sophisticated look, wrap it around your neck for a double strand look. (don't worry, pearls will definitely be in future posts)

C'est la vie

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