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Monday, September 12, 2016

The Secret to Wearing Oxfords

When Oxfords first became trendy, I could not adapt to them at all. They were just too masculine for me and I couldn't see past that. To be honest, I do not always like every trend. Just because a new accessory, shoe, or whatever, is the new biggest thing, doesn't mean it fits my personality. I am a firm believer of wearing what fits into your style, not the other way around. But when it came to the oxford, I just found them to be so interesting and powerful. When I would see a woman walk down the street in these shoes, I would automatically have a sense of respect for her. I think the subtle masculinity of the shoe really brings confidence to the outfit. 
But, I still couldn't wear it. Now that I think of it, maybe it was my way of gaining the confidence to "own" my outfit. And honestly, it took me a few a years to finally figure it out. But I did it, I figured out the secret to fitting the oxfords into by style. Now, I absolutely love them! 

So here is my secret. I definitely have a feminine style, and the oxford is masculine. Hence, the difficulty in personalizing this trend. Obviously the answer was in front of my face the entire time; combine styles. So, I added a touch of masculinity to my feminine style! Bam!!
My Oxfords are from Nordstrom. I really love this shade of taupe because it is so diverse and can go with so many outfits. My dress is from Zara. It is so comfortable and has a really fresh look. My houndstooth envelope purse is from Mango. Feel free to mix fabrics and textures. As you can see, each item has a different texture.
Tip of The Day: If you are scared to try a new trend, find a way to incorporate it into your own style, like I did. You don't have to wear it like everyone else, and you shouldn't. Own your look!

C'est la vie

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  1. Love the shoes, the bag and the dress! I like how you explain each item you're wearing and where you purchased them. Your tips are very helpful in the work and social environment. Keep them coming! ��