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Thursday, October 20, 2016

The Perfect Outfit For A Fall Baby Shower

When I think of baby showers, pastels directly come to mind. And for some reason, every baby shower I have ever attended was either in the Spring or Summer. Typically I would wear floral with soft colors, and I'm out the door. So, when I was invited to a baby shower this month, I was a little confused with what I should wear. And wearing light pink in October just felt wrong. Oh and I forgot to mention the best part... the baby shower was in MIAMI #500,000degrees!

So let's break this down. I was about to go to a baby shower in the month of October, in the City of Miami, which was extremely hot!?!?!?!? I must have stood in front of my closet for a good hour, trying to figure out what was the most appropriate outfit.

Baby Showers can be very tricky events. This is a time when a close friend, family member, etc... is celebrating the most precious time in their life. Meaning, it is not okay to walk in with a short little tight dress and some platforms. It is also a little strange to wear black; which eliminates the majority of every girl's closet. I do see girls in jeans...... but depending on the location and how elevated the party is, I just wouldn't feel comfortable.

Now that I subtracted 3 major categories, what is left to wear? Because this is a baby shower, I always like to have fun with my outfit and definitely look feminine. And I never want to outshine the Mom. It's her day, not mine :) My version of fun is usually a print. And since it is Fall, autumn colors would be ideal.

This brings me to the perfect outfit for a fall baby shower. First off all, I really love 2pc sets. They are effortless and really make a statement. Furthermore, you can mix and match the pieces to make other outfits!! This particular set is from H&M. On top of that, the color scheme of my outfit was perfect for this season. And, as I mentioned above, prints are a great way to show your personality. Now when it comes to my shoes, although I am in Miami and dying of the heat, I couldn't help but wear these great Boston Proper booties. It is very important to be in sync with the season, from head to toe.
Tip of The Day: Invest in a 2pc set. It is always a great outfit when you are out of ideas. Plus, you will definitely stand out!

C'est la vie

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